The future of Cuba post pandemic

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We have reached out to our Cuba Travel Expert, Orsolya Bartalis from Simply Cuba Tours, to see how they managed through the pandemic and what they see the future of travel be like.

Photo courtesy of Simply Cuba Tours

Tell us, how are you managing through the pandemic?

Unfortunately for us international travel is on hold, so the past 16 months have not been easy as we had to suspend operations, however we have found this time great for building a community of people who are as passionate about Cuba as we are and are looking to travel as soon as possible.

And we are currently looking forward to creating amazing experiences in 2022 based on their feedback on what they are looking for through the last 12 months.

What helped travellers through the last 12 months?

Let’s face it, travel was a major part of life before the pandemic. People have become globetrotters, looking to take a break in weird and wonderful places. There was a lot of disappointments when travel plans needed to be cancelled and put on hold. Good news is that people didn’t give up on their travel dreams.

What’s even a better news is that the slower pace of the pandemic, and the forced distance from people actually brought a new level of mindfulness to travellers. During the past 12 months we found that they have been craving to gain deeper knowledge of the place they will travel to, in our case being Cuba.

They want to know about the people, their lives, places outside of hotel walls. They are seeking experiences that give a cultural immersion, where they can stay with locals, eat with locals, enjoy life like a local for a little while. To our excitement, being a sustainable tour company, recent surveys found that people are actually seeking ways to travel that provides an authentic experience whilst preserving nature and supporting communities.

Photo courtesy of Simply Cuba Tours

Photo courtesy of Simply Cuba Tours

Are people looking to travel again?

Very much so. They are looking for the green light to go, and are looking to understand how they can bring their travel dreams to life. They are seeking answers on when will borders open, flights return to normal and whether they need to quarantine at their arrival destination or upon return to home, get PCR testing, and/or the vaccine.

And of course, if they need to catch connecting flights, they want to ensure that they won’t get stuck in the transfer country.

Tips on how to be a mindful traveller…

  1. Avoid all-inclusive hotel packages

All-inclusive holidays are a big no-no for the environment. Because they include all accommodation, food, drink and activities, tourists don’t really need to go and spend money elsewhere. This means that tourist money does not benefit the local economy because all of the money goes to the resort accommodation instead of the community.


  1. Travel in small groups

This helps to reduce carbon footprint  by using one vehicle to transport the group, whilst also reduces the effect the environment that we will be going into, imagine if a group of 12 wonderers turned up in the forest in nesting season… it would sure stress those poor birds out!


  1. Please bring your water bottle

We ask that you bring your water bottle so we can reduce plastic rubbish. Rather than buying bottled water every day, we will refill your water bottles. Simple. May not sound like much, but imagine 1000’s following your example! Now that’s a different story!


  1. Pack light

Not only will it help you not having to carry a heavy bag when you are traveling it also reduces carbon emissions. The lighter the plane the lass fuel it uses.


  1. Eat local

You will hear me harp on about this. When you travel with us we even set up some of the experiences for this. Even if you are a hotel traveller I urge you, step outside the hotel and experience the paladar down the road. Bet you, the food will be delicious and it supports the community!

Photo courtesy of Simply Cuba Tours

How to plan for your next trip?

Make sure that you have your passport up to date

You got relevant visas for your travel and stay

Contact a travel agent for your flight bookings, in the current climate you are better of having them doing the research for you rather than going through travel engines to ensure you have the right connections and you do not get stuck somewhere along the way

Research the place you are going to

Research your tour provider. Responsible tour operators would consider and include the points mentioned above and also, would consider key practices like:

  • Avoiding the use of wild animals for the purpose of human entertainment – such as riding elephants, walking with lions and swimming with captive dolphins – in favour of low-impact experiences such as viewing animals in the wild.
  • Cultural visits benefit local communities first, and visitors second.
  • Interactions with vulnerable children and supporting begging and child labour are avoided in favour of sustainable community tourism that keeps children safe and families together.
  • Guides (and other staff) are local, and appropriately trained, outfitted and paid for the services they provide.

Being a responsible traveler is not always the easy option, yet it’s always the better choice for the experience it provides and the contribution it makes to the communities.



Orsolya your Cuban Guru and her team in Cuba are standing by to curate a Cuban adventure just for you! 

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